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Open Letter – Myanmar Islamic Religious Organization sends Emergency Letter to the President


Myanmar Islamic Religious Organization sends Emergency Letter to the President

The Republic of Union of Myanmar
All Myanmar Government Recognized Islamic Religious Organization
No. 214, Bo Sun Pet Street, Pabedan Township, Yangon.
Phone- 388146, 253683, 252608, 241717, 241212, 296134

Letter No. MaABa/Admin/024/2013 ASa(4)
Date- 26 March 2013

The Republic of Union of Myanmar

Subject: Asking to protect Myanmar Muslims’ lives and properties due to currently insecure situation

1. At the present time, there have been no securities for Myanmar Muslims’ lives and properties, mosques and religious schools increasingly. Now the situation becomes worrying for Muslims even in Yangon.

2. Those terrorist attacks include big crimes such as arsons and massacres and so on in which offenders can be stopped by killing according to the law of defense.
However, the neglected situation has happened that responsible authorities have not taken effective action timely to criminals who dare to offend crimes openly in front of them.

3. It is learned that such massacres and loss of religious building and properties are due to weakness and omission of administrative authorities to provide protection and take action effectively.

4. That is why, this Islamic Organization strongly believed that peace and tranquility of the country as well as protection for Muslims’ lives and properties, and religious buildings would be given by quick and effective action taken to above mentioned events. Moreover, it is enthusiastically asked to implement promptly the statement (7/2013) of the spokesperson group of Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Al-Haj Maulana Yusof
Union of Myanmar

Al-Haj U Nyunt Maung Shein
Islamic Religious Affairs Council
Union of Myanmar (HQ)

Al-Haj U Myint Tun
Muslim Youth Muslim (Religious) Organization

Haji Kyaw Win
Myanmar Muslim National Affairs Organization




Satellite images raise concerns for Burma Muslims


SATURDAY 27 OCTOBER 2012 Burma , World

Satellite images raise concerns for Burma Muslims


A human rights group expresses concern for the safety of thousands of Muslims in Burma after revealing satellite images of a once-thriving coastal community reduced to ashes after a week of violence.

Human Rights Watch says the series of images (below, in October 2012 and further below, in March 2012), which compare the same scene with images taken earlier in the year, show “near total destruction” of a predominantly Rohingya Muslim part of Kyaukpyu, one of several areas in Rakhine state where battles between Rohingyas and ethnic Rakhine Buddhists threaten to derail the country’s fragile democratic transition.

Tun Khin from the Burmese Rohingya Oraganisation in the UK told Channel 4 News he thinks that what is going on in the Rakhine region amounts to ethnic cleansins: “This is ethnic cleansing, proper planned by the state government and central government to eliminate the Rohingya people from Rakhine”.

More than 811 buildings and houseboats were razed in Kyaukpyu on 24 October, forcing many Rohingya to flee north by sea toward the state capital Sittwe, said Human Rights Watch.

“Burma’s government urgently needs to provide security for the Rohingya in Arakan (Rakhine) state,who are under vicious attack,” said Phil Robertson, the group’s deputy Asia director.

There were widespread unconfirmed reports of boatloads of Rohingyas trying to cross the sea border to neighbouring Bangladesh, which has denied them refugee status since 1992.


‘Irreparably damaged’

Dozens of boats full of Rohingyas with no food or water had fled Kyaukpyu, an industrial zone important to China, and other recent hotspots were seeking access on Friday to overcrowded refugee camps around the state capital Sittwe, according to four Rohingya refugee sources.

Some boats were blocked by security forces from reaching the shore and few Rohingyas managed to reach the camps, the sources said by telephone.


The United Nations has warned that Myanmar’s fledgling democracy could be “irreparably damaged” by the violence. Rohingyas are officially stateless.

Buddhist-majority Myanmar’s government regards the estimated 800,000 Rohingyas in the country as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, and not as one of the country’s 135 official ethnic groups, and denies them citizenship.

But many of those expelled from Kyaukpyu are not Rohingya but Muslims from the officially recognised Kaman minority, said Chris Lewa, director of the Rohingya advocacy group, Arakan Project.

“It’s not just anti-Rohingya violence anymore, it’s anti-Muslim,” she said.



His Holiness Meets Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi


His Holiness Meets Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi

Wednesday, 20 June 2012 16:06 Anand Katakam,The Tibet Post Internarional.


Dharamshala:  The spiritual leader of Tibet, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the ‘daughter of Burmese democracy’ met in London yesterday, June 19, 2012. The 76-year- old Nobel Peace Prize winner was holding his annual Buddhist teachings in the British capital and Aung Sung Suu Kyi was returning ‘Home’. She made a private visit to His Holiness the Dalai Lama in the morning.

The two Nobel laureates spoke for about half an hour. The Dalai Lama spoke confidently that like her father she would do humanity a great service. He was quoted saying “I have real admiration for your courage. I am very happy we’ve been able to meet.”

His Holiness continued onward to the University of Westminster to deliver his CR Parekh lecture. During the lecture he brought about the contrast in the policies of China and India.

Aung Sun Suu Kyi was travelling to Oxford. It had been where she started her family with her late husband, Michael Aris. She hadn’t been there in nearly 24 years. It was a bittersweet occasion as she was unable to attend his funeral in 1999 because of her house arrest.

She had been under house arrest within Burma by the military junta for 15 years. Her victory in the elections in 1990 was considered void by the military regime. Since her internal exile she has campaigned for a democratic Burma and on April 1st of this year was able to successfully win a seat in the lower house of the Burmese parliament.

Many draw comparisons with the Tibet and Burma. Some have declared Suu Kyi and Dalai Lama as part of the Trinity which includes Nelson Mandela. Unlike Mandela, they have not been to realize their goals as yet.


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