Give voice to refugees



Palestinian refugees: time to return NOW


Pictures from Khao I Dang refugee camp, Thailand 1980-82.

Warning : viewers must be above 18years old

Memories of the Khoa I Dang Refugee Camp 1986 to 1988

Cambodia Refugee Camp – Site2 (part1)

Umpium Refugee Camp in fire 23 02 2012

on fire in Umpiem Camp (MCA News)

Dadaab Refugee Camp – Kenya (Africa)

A song at Nu Po Camp


Displaced Karen Refugees in Jungle

23Kachin IDP/Refugee Camps – March-April-2012


Zaatari Refugee Camp Jordan – 31 Oct 2012.


Angelina Jolie in a refugee camp in Syria (09-13-2012)


Angelina Jolie Visits Syrian Refugees in Turkey


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