Greetings from Kampala! On behalf of the staff and Volunteers of Peace Corps/Uganda, let me say that we are very pleased that youare considering an invitation to join us as a Volunteer. You will join agroup of more than 1,000 former Volunteers who have responded tothe invitation to serve in Uganda.This is an exciting time to be in Uganda. The education system isstretched to the breaking point in a committed effort to provideuniversal primary and, recently, secondary education to the coun-try’s children.
The HIV/AIDS pandemic, which has hit Uganda hard,is entering a new phase as people gain access to HIV/AIDS drugsand strive to find ways to live with the disease in hope, rather thanin despair. Prevention of new transmissions is now the focus, as isa more holistic approach to health care in general. Finally, whileUganda has abundant resources of water, minerals, timber, and arableland, there are serious challenges to putting them to optimal use toraise economic standards for all Ugandans. Education, health careand economic development lay the foundation to make a difference inUganda as a Peace Corps Volunteer.
Former Volunteers will tell you the rewards of the hard work youinvest and the benefits of your experience will far outweigh the inevi-table frustrations and challenges you will encounter.
If you decide tocome to Uganda, you will be making an important commitment, onefraught with difficulties yet rich with fulfillment. A two-year commit-ment to the Peace Corps and to the people of a community in Ugandais not to be made casually. You must make it and remake it in numer-ous ways throughout your two years of service. You will be challengedin ways imaginable and unimaginable.
Your patience will be tried toits limits. But if you come here with an open mind, a warm heart, agood sense of humor, a willingness to evaluate and adjust your expec-tations, and a focus on the needs of others rather than your own, youwill do well. The Peace Corps’ trainers and staff members are hereto help you, but you will be the primary architect and judge of yourexperience as a Volunteer. We offer you this opportunity to serve thepeople of Uganda and to have an experience that will change the way you look at the world and at yourself.
Country Director

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