Black and Mexican conflict in Compton and Los Angeles


Black and Mexican conflict in Compton and Los Angeles


White Teachers Suspended Over Role Model


March 4, 2010 – These teachers worked at the Wadsworth Avenue Elementary school in South Los Angeles, the school now consists mostly of hispanic kids just like most of the United States now . Its said that these teachers made what were unfortunate poor choices of role models. Is that what these accusers would have said in 1994 and 1995! Do they remember that a murder trial turned into a white man Mark Fuhrman said the N word trial, and Mark Fuhrman was compared to Adolf Hitler as well as being called a genocidal “RACIST”. The magic “RACIST” word! How many blacks did Fuhrman murder? Since blacks are not the victims they claim to be there were fears that riots would erupt if Simpson had been convicted. Before and after the riots of 1992, from 1987 to 2001 Rodney King had been arrested 12 times. The 1992 riot was over a police beating of Rodney King by white officers cought on home video. As usual this home video conviently only had the bad whitie part of the video. Also televised was what happens when whitie goes into black neighborhoods. There was no riot over that. Remember how happy blacks were when Simpson was acquitted knowing he was guilty, were they being role models. And how his acquittal was said to be “getting back at the white man” payback! The trial jury consisted of 9 blacks,1 hispanic and 2 whites. I bet OJ Simpson was a role model when he killed two white people as well as a house hold name. The Los Angeles Mexican mayor and the NAACP accused these school teachers of making a mockery of African American History. Who made a mockery of African American History in 1995 throughout the Simpson murder trial. Was mayor Villaraigosa shocked and outraged when the verdict was read. Was he shocked and outraged when his Mexican marchers through rocks and bottles at police officers in 2007 Students throw rocks and bottles in Riverside,2933,189282,00.html  Folks on the other side often throw rocks and bottles over the wall targeting Americans.       Are these people role models to. Do these people teach their kids, when you come from Mexico or any other hispanic country you can do anything in the United States you want.  Since this biracial man became president, blacks seem to think they all now have a free pass to be in control. Just as The Great Breeder seems to think its their people that is the all mighty in the U.S. now.  Photos, the first – OJ Simpson doing a little dance after the trial saying: I Did It, I Did It, IDid It,. The second photo depicts peaceful protesters telling the American people that they are here now, and this is their country. So Americans can leave the country they were born in. When the third photo was taken in 2007, the Mexican H1N1 disease hadn’t yet started killing thousands of people in the U.S. and Mexico. So” why would this peaceful protester be sporting the bandit look.

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