Anti-capitalist and Anti-globalisation protesters – The spoiled, rich enemies of the poor


Anti-capitalist and Anti-globalisation protesters – The

spoiled, rich enemies of the poor

Capitalism and globalisation are the solutions to third world poverty. Anyone who cares about the third world should promote globalisation and economic freedom. Anti-globalisation protesters are spoilt, rich children who want to prevent the rest of the world from enjoying the fruits of capitalism that they have grown up with. They are worse than immoral. Poverty is not funny. Poverty is not a matter of living in a squat or not having enough for a pint. Poverty is a matter of watching your children starve and die.


  • Anti-capitalism
  • Anti-globalization
  • Anti-consumerism 
  • Anti-globalisation protesters


  • Demos are not democracy:
  • The Law of Protests: Protests and demos do not represent public opinion
    • Anti-Globalism = Anti-Americanism by Jean-Francois Revel – “Anti-globalists have tried to replace democracy with a despotism of the mob, advancing the brutal proposition that street demonstrators are more legitimate than elected governments. … Democrats worthy of the name should not forget that power is conferred by ballots, not by bricks hurled through windows.”
    • It has been said before: Those who cannot win elections, take to the streets. Nobody will vote for the anti-globalisation street thugs, anti-semites and totalitarian marxists. So democracy will not help them. Furious that no one finds their arguments convincing, they turn to demos and riots to try to bypass the democratic process. Western governments, sensibly, will let them protest but will never listen to them.


  • French anti-capitalism


  • The G8
    • The protesters against the G8 summits really do have something they could protest about: the inclusion of Putin’s illiberal dictatorship of Russia in this group of otherwise civilized liberal democracies. But of course that’s not what bothers them.


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